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24DS 14~24D DOUBLE SIDED Fireplace Andiron Heat Exchanger

24DS 14~24D DOUBLE SIDED Fireplace Andiron Heat Exchanger


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24DS DOUBLE SIDED Fireplace AndIron Heat Exchanger for 2 two sided fireplaces.

* Main body of the 24DS fits within 24" wide 6" tall and 15"-25" deep. 

24DS24D = 25" deep 24DS20D = 21" deep 24DS16D = 17" deep 24DS14D = 15" deep

Add 12" to overall base depth for 6" fan box and 6" heat outlet extension.

Removable interchangeable fan box and Hot Air outlet add 6" to each end.

0-3" adjustable legs not calculated in the height.

Fully welded 60# steel 7.4 square foot Grate Heat Exchanger.

Doors shut with fan and outlet removed.

Choose models with L in front to get the fanbox/outlet extention on the LEFT hand side of the unit.

The DS Double Side grate heater has a low profile. The durable design is optimized for use with see through fireplaces. It's unique blow through design effectively heats a home by circulating air around the house room to room.

Universal and reversable quick release fan can be moved to opposite room for perfect ambiance!

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Variable speed fan control

Liftout easy clean removeable ash tray

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