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1Q One Sided Cubed Fireplace Log Rack Wood Grate Heat Exchangers for use with Glass Doors

Our 1Q "Cubed", Fireplace Grate Heat Exchangers for use with Glass Doors. At just 2" thin it works by fitting under most any prefab glass door set that you simply place on top of the full width bottom bar. Solid built express line tool welded steel iron tubular firewood log rack wood holder. Spit emits direct tube fire heated furnace air circulator into your cozy home. Increase efficiency and heater output of your wood burning fireplace. My 3Q model line blower outlet is a fair way to go for glass doors. We also offer wood stove chimney pipe pellet stove green heat exchanger or water heater. Northern original hearth design smart heat exchanger. Mountain savings time online eco fire discount store shipped by land to your door, north to shore. Way to plow into heating savings.
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