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30TGR-F 14~24TD Tapered Fanless Fireplace Heat Exchanger

30TGR-F 14~24TD Tapered Fanless Fireplace Heat Exchanger


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Our trapezoidal Fanless Grate Heat Exchanger is built to maximize the cubic inches of surface area. Discover the elegance and efficiency behind our fully-welded steel Fanless Grate Heaters. 

  • 30" wide in the Front 24" wide in the back 14,16,20,24 Tall/Deep (not including the 3" adjustable legs)
  • The tubes have a trapezoidal shape that better matches the shape of your fireplace, allowing more of the heat exchanger to snugly fit
  • Works in masonry and zero-clearance fireplaces, as well as with gas logs or gas starters
  • Designed with the greatest surface area to capture and move into your home the highest percentage of the BTU heat generated by your fire
  • Made with fully welded uncoated non-galvanized structural-grade industrial carbon steel, and UL certified electrical components
  • Easy installation
  • Made in the USA

 Note: if you are ordering the DIY Kit Welding is required for assembly.

  • Option to add removable AshTray for faster cleanup
  • Option to add a Fireback 


  • Please allow for the 3 to 5 day assembly time prior to your order shipping (This can be longer during winter season as orders get backed up.)

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