R14GR16TD RAW Fireplace Grate Heater, Fireplace Heat Exchanger Fireback AndIron Heatilator Furnace Hearth Tube Blower Rack.

R14GR16TD RAW Fireplace Grate Heater, Fireplace Heat Exchanger Fireback AndIron Heatilator Furnace Hearth Tube Blower Rack.

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Discover the elegance, efficiency, and durability of our fully-welded steel Grate Heaters. These hot air blowing fireplace heat exchangers pump out the heat and turn your fireplace hearth into a furnace to heat your home. Designed to have the ultimate blend of appeal, efficiency, customization, fit, finish and functionality.

We literally blow away and melt the competition, no other manufacturers grate heaters are more sturdy and well built, compare our specifications like surface area and amount of material in steel weight. These are High End products; we do not cut corners on quality of build or component.

Introducing the R14GR16TD Grate Heater, Fireplace Heat Exchanger Fireback AndIron Heatilator Furnace Hearth Tube Blower Rack.

Raw N Ready, hot off the welding bench no finish grind - no paint, complete and fully functional; ready to use.

-14" wide, 16" tall (height does not include from 0 to 3" of leg adjustment), 16" deep bottom 13" deep top (You can use a cardboard box of this size to test the fit into your fireplace).

-Made out of 30# of fully welded structural steel; it provides 7.6 square feet of heat exchanger surface area for maximum BTU extraction and thermal reclamation with its powerful yet quiet 110 CFM ball bearing 20 watt 43 dBA blower.

--Option to add VS variable speed fan controller, to further reduce fan velocity and background hum for the perfect ambiance.

--Option to add ASH removable ash tray, this bucket lifts up and out for fast easy cleanup.

--Option to add FF full fireback, this steel sheet follows the back tube angle forcing the flame of the fire to follow a long path along the heat exchanger tubes for best thermal conduction. It forms a large FAR Infrared Reflector shining heat out into you home like a flat panel light bulb..

-No thin expanded metal mesh to burn up or cheaper wide tube spacing.

-The front air manifold ensures all tubes blow out hot air, not just one or two with fans directly attached.

-Sturdier than any other manufacturers grate assembled with screws that can wear and wobble or thin stamped metal legs that can fold up.

-Strong enough construction to support the weight of a car parked on top!

-Our 1" tube spacing keeps the smallest of hot coals in contact with the heat exchanger tubes directly.

-The tubes have a trapezoidal shape leaning forward over the heat of the fire at the top to better match the shape of your fireplace, allowing more heat exchanger surface area to snugly fit and hotter air temperatures to be achieved.

-Works in brick masonry and zero-clearance metal fireplaces burning logs, firewood, wood pellet baskets, as well as with gas logs or gas starters.

-Designed with the greatest surface area and lowest thermal resistance to capture and move into your home the highest percentage of the BTU heat generated by your fire that would otherwise normally go right up the chimney.

-Built with 100% renewable solar, wind, and hydro electricity.

-Made with fully welded uncoated non-galvanized structural-grade industrial carbon steel, and UL certified electrical components.

-Our AC fans use a inline rotary on/off thumb switch with a thermally shielded 6'+ cord that plugs into a standard 110 VAC wall outlet.

-In an emergency power outage they can be easily powered for many hours by a UPS Uninteruptable Power Supply or battery and inverter.

-Easy installation by attaching fans with 4 screws and adjusting four 3" leg bolts to suit.

-Made in the USA, we are the OEM direct manufacturer.

-Usual delivery to your door is within 2 weeks (International shipping options available in checkout).

Once your order is paid, the packing and shipping slips are printed and added to the back of the shop assembly que, once its turn comes up, the assembly is built to fit, if painted add up to 2 days for dry time prior to shipping.

UPS pickups are scheduled for every mon wed fri, your tracking number will go live after UPS picks up your boxed item. 

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