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All about HastyHeat.com and why we dominate the fireplace industry

Hasty Heat

If you are searching for a reliable company that manufacturers some of the best fireplace accessories, then you need not look any further than Hasty Heat. We are the leading makers and distributors of a broad range of fireplace grates and accessories, thanks to our focus on quality and a long history of serving our customers perfectly.

Our Values

We are a small family-owned business that has been exceeding the expectations of customers in this region and beyond since 2001. Because we are a family business, we have several values that set us apart from many other companies that provide related products. For example, we understand the unique needs of our customers, and that is why we make highly customized products. We go out of our way to ensure that the fireplace insert that you buy from us fits into your hearth perfectly and serves you correctly.

Apart from our belief in the need to customize all our products to your unique needs and requirements, we believe in making products that last for long. We understand that when you are purchasing fireplace accessories, as it is the case with other items, you need to get value for your money. We ensure that you achieve this aim by manufacturing products that last long enough. Also, we manufacture our items through a very rigorous process. We have individuals whose sole purpose is to test the durability and functionality of all the made products before we sell them. Thus, when you decide to buy any of the items that we sell, you will get value for your money.

Our Products

Hasty Heat makes and sells a broad range of products ranging from customized fireplace grates to high-quality accessories. For example, we have several Fireplace Heat Exchangers that match the various tastes and preferences of people. One good thing about all the specific brands of our heaters is that they have trapezoidal tubes to help them fit into your kitchen heath perfectly. Besides, all the radiators have huge surface areas to make them highly efficient in generating heat from lesser amounts of fuel including wood pellets and retaining the heat during use. Additionally, we have several types of blowers for sale. You can sample our collection to find what suits you best.

All our blowers have high-quality fans and other attributes to improve their overall level of functionality. Besides, the connecting cords are of the best standard, according to the UL certifications. We also have special Fireplace Grates that you can use to heat up your kitchen and the entire house. As it is the case with all our other products, our grates are made of special materials to increase their durability and functionality.

The uniqueness of our products lies arises from several things. In general, we use superior manufacturing processes to create our products. Whereas many other manufacturers rely on standardized manufacturing processes, we here at Hasty Heat are committed to ensuring that we make personalized products. It is because of this reason that we have some of the most cherished designers and specialists in manufacturing to craft every single item that we sell. Therefore, regardless of your specific personal tastes and preferences, when you visit our online shop, you can always get the right product that meets your requirements.

Apart from the standards of our craftsmanship, we take pride in the fact that all our products are made of industrial carbon. In general, the structural strength of a product is a direct result of the kind of material that the manufacturer chooses to use. If the maker deliberately selects low-quality material to minimize the overall costs of manufacturing, then the chances are that the product may not be as durable as others. On the other hand, if a maker selects high-grade materials, the manufacturer ends up selling highly advanced products to customers.

The good news is that we stick to using uncoated and non-galvanized carbon steel on all our products. Given that your heater will have to withstand exceptionally elevated temperatures for a long time during use, we make sure that it is built from the most suitable materials.

Additionally, our heaters come with standard electrical accessories to make the products quite useful. For example, we use AC fans that plug into a standard 110V AC wall outlet. The use of this standard electrical component enhances the usability of our products. Also, thanks to the use of advanced electrical components, you can minimize the background noise that this equipment usually produces when they are in full use. Whereas the automatic thermostat that we include in all our brands shut the fan off immediately the fire gets exhausted, the blower speed control dramatically reduces all the hum that these devices generate.

Efficient Grates and Accessories

It is important to remember that all our products stand out from the rest because of their elevated level of efficiency. For you to use your kitchen insert effectively, you need to get one that is highly efficient. To many people, the need for obtaining an efficient device arises from the fact that the fuel that you use in your insert, be it wood pellets or anything else, is expensive. Moreover, your wood pellets come from sawdust which, in turn, is produced when trees are cut down. Therefore, when you use a very efficient heater, you end up reducing the number of wood pellets and other forms of fuel that are used, thus reducing the negative impact on the natural environment.

Affordable Prices  

We sell all out grates and accessories at very competitive rates. We base our pricing plans on two things: the need to offer you high-quality products and our commitment to ensuring that you get value for your money. Regardless of the specific grate that you would like to have, we are ready to customize it for you and ensure that you get value for the money that you spend. Therefore, you are free to ask for any specifications without worrying that we shall end up charging you exorbitantly. Also, we base our pricing plans on prevailing market trends; therefore, you can trust our rates as an accurate reflection of what is taking place on the market. Place your order today and get the best fireplace insert within the shortest time possible.

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