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How to measure your fireplace

To select a model that fits within your fireplace, first collect these dimensional measurements of your fireplace.

---Width at the opening?

---Width at back?

---Height at the opening?

---Depth at bottom?

---Depth at top?

Make sure to measure behind any screens or glass doors on your fireplace. If your fireplace has glass doors our 1Q 2Q or 3Q fireplace heaters will be your best choice.

If your fireplace is open with a spark screen hanging or free standing, our TGR tapered grate heaters or DGR double row fireplace heat exchangers will be your best choice.

If your fireplace is double sided our DS or RC fireplace grate will be your best choice.

If you are on a budget our HTH fireplace blower will be an effective choice for you.

Our products use a model number that relates to the items form and dimensions. The letters represent the model form factor. The first # is the product width. The second # is how tall and deep the selected model is. Choose a grate heater that is equal to or smaller than your measurements.

NOTE the 3" tall adjustable legs are not included in height and can add to the overall height you adjust them to during installation.

We also offer many great accessories to customize your fireplace tube grate to best suit your needs. Our VS variable speed fan controller, FF full fireback heat reflector, and ASH easy clean liftout ash tray; are all very popular options that many customers add to thier orders.

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3 sided cube; Works with most existing glass doors!


Double GRate; Massive surface area grate heat exchanger


RibCage; flowthrough fireplace grate heat exchanger


Hard Times Heater; fireplace Andiron heat exchanger

Maximize your heating Output for Less