How to measure your fireplace

Fireplace mesurements

To select a model that fits withing your fireplace. First collect these dimension measurements of your fireplace.

---Width in back?

---Width of the opening through the screen and doors?

---Height of the opening through the screen and doors?

---Depth at top behind screen and doors?

---Depth at bottom behind screen and doors?

With these measurements in hand, next decide which type of item you need: HTH, GR, TGR, DGR, 3Q, 2Q, 1Q, RC, DS, CHP; etc.

Every type of product has a model number that reads the items dimensions, select the model that is equal to or smaller than your measurements.


16HTH24D = 16w x 6t x 24d

20GR16TD = 20w x 16t x16d

20TGR14TD = 20 wide front x 16 wide back (or the next smaller model width) x 14t x 14d

NOTE adjustable legs not included in height and can add whatever height your adjust them to greater than the items tallness.

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