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TGR Tapered Fireplace Grates

TGR Tapered Fireplace Grate

Designed to tightly fit the dimensions of your fireplace making your hearth more efficient significantly helping you save on heating energy costs. This fireplace grate heater best matches the trapezoidal shape of most fireplaces and will allow for more tubes and heat exchanger surface area to fit within a fireplace hearth. This increased blower tube count provides a greater surface area for heat transfer, resulting in superior heat capture and transfer from your firewood. With a variety of standard sizes of TGR fire grates available, it's easy to find the right fit for your fireplace. Our TGR series of fireplace grate heat exchanger is perfect for trapezoidal fireplaces with a smaller back width than front width, ensuring that you get the most heat out of your wood, propane, or gas fireplace.

The C shaped tubes of these fireplace grates going over your log fire will still have natural convection heat output into your home during a power outage when the electricity goes off grid similar and equal to our fanless fireplace grate models; however when there is electricity available to blow the hot air they will output a magnitude 5x more heat than a fanless grate.

We also build many other styles of home heating products, welded steel iron tubular firewood log racks, wood holders, fireplace grates, heat exchangers, fireplace inserts, fireplace blowers, pellet stoves, wood stoves, RMH rocket mass heaters, chimney flue pipe heat reclaimers, and more.

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Compatible with the following accessories:

Removable Ashtray

Full Fireback

Variable Speed Controller

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