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What kind of fireplace grate is best for me?

A tubular fireplace grate like the 16HTH20D with blower fan can be a very cost effective significant improvement over a solid iron bar fireplace grate to improve your homes fireplace and its ability to keep your family warm.


If your budget allows a fireplace grate like a 24TGR20TD with it much larger heat exchanger surface area is able to capture and move into your home more of the heat generated by your burning firewood.


If your aesthetic preference is to burn your fireplace with open doors a 20DGR would be your best choice with its double size double layer 2 row tubular heat exchanger.


A better choice is a fireplace grate like the 3Q that blows heat out from under a set of standard fireplace doors. Allowing you to shut the glass doors and reduce the volume of air being drafted up the chimney.


Now if you want the very best then look into a CFI, that is custom fitted to within 1" of your fireplace to maximize its performance without impairing the elegant view of the fire in your hearth.


Based on your huge need for BTU/KWH of heat a 3Q or CFI may be your best choice.

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