With the latest cold snap we have become more than a month backlogged, plesae be patient, we build to order.

RMH Ponttouuni efficent clean high capacity wood stoves

RMH Ponttouuni efficent clean high capacity batch box wood stoves by hastyheat

This Finnish/Nordic style Pönttöuuni RMH wood stove contains a huge thermal mass of stone within the bell heat exchanger that is heated by the clean burning rapid conflagration combustion chamber flue gasses to as high as 700f storing over 50 kWh of heat that is slowly released over many hours. Eliminating the need to try and smolder a fire all night long. In contrast this Finnish/Nordic style rocket mass heater wood stove is burned with a quick intense clean burning fire that is safely burned out before bed, allowing the thermal mass to do the heating overnight. Retaining the majority of the heat from the flue gasses in the thermal mass reduces and lowers the exhaust temperature to 100-200f. This keeps the heat energy of your firewood in your home where you want it without the high emissions of unburnt smoke wood gasses that would otherwise go up the chimney and pollute the neighborhood.

Able to heat a 1100sq ft home on one bucket or about 30# of wood per day at below -15f temperatures!


Learn more on https://hastyheat.com/blogs/news/rmh-ponttouuni-efficent-clean-high-capacity-wood-stoves the 👑 of heating efficiency. #rmh #rocketstove #rocketmassheater #firewood #fireplace #woodstove #heating #furnace #offgrid #selfsufficient 

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