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Fireplace Dimensions

Please follow the instruction below to measure your fireplace.

To make the best fireplace grate heater choice you will need to know:

---Width at the opening?

---Width at back?

---Height at the opening?

---Depth at bottom?

---Depth at top?

When ordering a Q fireplace insert you will need to specify to us your door frame width measurement:

---Measure the outside width of bottom your door frame? Put this measurement in the notes field of your order. If you forge simply send it to us via email with your order number.

Make sure to measure behind any glass or screen or door in use. If you have glass or screen doors take a look at our 1Q 2Q or 3Q model grate heaters.

Our tube fireplace blower grate heat exchanger products use a model number that relates to the items dimensions. First # is product width, followed by the product type letters, and the second number is how tall/deep the heat exchanger tubes measure (Models that don't have a tall are 6" tall)

Select the model that is equal to or smaller than your measurements. NOTE 3" adjustable leg height is not included in tube height and can add whatever height you adjust them to. For example a 20GR16TD being 20" wide 16" deep and 16" tall could be up to 19" tall with its adjustable legs fully extended.

We have Several different models and styles of fireplace grate heaters to chose from, this is indicated by the letter code in the model number:

(GR) Our Standard fireplace heat exchanger. Sturdy and effective. 5"X3" rectangular steel 1/8" thick for the manifold and 16 gage 1" tubing for the grate.

(GR -F) Same as GR but no manifold or fan, for those who want an absolute silent operation. These fanless models operate on natural convection!

(TGR) Same as the GR with the back tapered down 1 size level. (24 wide front = 20 wide back)(14 wide front = 12 wide back)(36wide front =30 wide back) Ect.

(TGR -F) Same as TGR but also no manifold or fan. Operating on natural convection!

(DGR) Once again same as GR. This time with twice as many tubes and an extra fan for blowing power. for those who have a large space to heat and really want to crank up the flow.

(RC) Our solution for a double sided fireplace. The Rib Cage will draw air in from one side then blow it out the other, all the while allowing a clear view through the center of your double sided fireplace. Allowing for a great view of the fire.

(Q) Here we switch to our 5"X2" rectangular steel 1/8" thick steel. the Cubes are a standardized option to use our heat exchanger with your existing glass doors closed. the Q is the First base line option (existing fireplace doors need to be removed to install the Cubes then re installed on top of the 2" manifold that the fan and exhaust attach to.)

(QQ) Second in the Cube line is the QQ. Adds a vertical dimension for added heat transfer

(QQQ) And Third in the Cube line is the QQQ. Has Surface area directly over the flames for maximum heat transfer and the most tube distance for the heat to transfer. The QQQ also comes with the Fireback standard!

(HTH) Our most economical option available the Hard Times Heater is based off the Q without the support for the doors. available with the fan built on the left or the right.

(DS) Same as the HTH but designed to work with double sided fireplaces. again available in left or right.