We would appreciate NEW pictures of our product in their new homes. Many of our pictures are out of date and could use updating. Your heat exchanger and fireplace could be featured in our upcomming update to our webstore!

About us

Wearing 2 layers, wrapped and jacketed in leather, similar to an astronaut on the moon. From the tip of my hands flowing lightning the very force that animates life. Like an alchemist I use the 4th plasma state of matter with the skill of a masters hand to reorient atoms, creating new and unique objects. Artfully using time and energy to craft and express the music of my soul. 
Crystalizing as I remove my touch, there now sitting on my craft table, a gift. A piece of my heart and life, like a mosaic created specifically for placement in the home. I give the gift of warmth to families all over the world. Whilst my body shuffles and moves like a ninjas hands, I am dancing in the heavens in my mind to the music of my soul, watching in amazement almost as a spectator while in a flow state my hands effortlessly create one gift after another.
For I am a craftsman.

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