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Meet the CHP, our compact modular off grid gravity fed wood pellet rocket stove.

The Suomavator a portable off grid gravity wood pellet rocket stove with integrated boiler and TEG thermal electric generator

CHP "Suomavator" Modular Wood Pellet Stoves, Customizable, Portable, and Low Emissions with Compact Performance and Continuous High Heat Output.

Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a small barrel stove with integrated griddle cook top.

We are raising the bar with our line of Wood Pellet Stoves. Setting industry records for their; Modular design, Low Emissions, Compactness, Portability, Lightweight, and High Heat Output. 

People are asking for more information on our wood pellet stoves and there availability.

Please first review our latest posts and videos on this product line with the links below:
We have several completed CHP cartridges available in stock that can be sold individually or accessorized in one of the many fashions depicted in the content above. So once you have reviewed the options and decided what interests you the most, please email us so we can then discuss and quote your needed setup.
The version using a 100 liter - 30 gallon barrel is probably my favorite. that I would suggest you to consider the purchase of. We can offer it in 2 versions: a parts kit that you obtain locally and fit the CHP-BSK (barrel stove kit) into your own snap ring lid barrel, or as a complete ready to assemble and fire version shipped at more cost in its own barrel.
Note: All item prices now include the cost of shipping to reduce customers abandoned orders caused by adding the significant costs of shipping these large heavy items after the customer proceeds to checkout.
Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a barrel stove with integrated cooking oven.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a large barrel stove radiant heaterHasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a large stainless steel griddle.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a patio heater with glass fire vortex window and cook top for a pan.
Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering integrated high power boiler water cooled TEG thermal electricity generator.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge powering a compact camping stove.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge with pot flange powering a high power single burner stove hob.
Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge universal fire resistant Nomex fabric pellet hopper bag.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove basic cartridge assembly for DIY heating appliances.Hasty Heat CHP wood pellet stove cartridge wall mounted heater in a RV trailer.
The energy content of wood pellets is approximately 4.7 – 5.2 MWh/tonne
Pellet fuels (or pellets) are a type of solid fuel made from compressed organic material.[1] Pellets can be made from any one of five general categories of biomass: industrial waste and co-products, food waste, agricultural residues, energy crops, and untreated lumber.[

Pellet stoves offer high efficiency, precise temperature control, and low emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option.
This is the sweet spot for biomass wood combustion efficiency, a pinch of excess oxygen with time temperature and turbulence...
Do you know what CHP means? combined heat and power. Usually referring to large megawatt scale utility powerplants paired up with district hot water heating.
On a smaller scale is 5-25kw micro CHP that are about 20k$, like below.
Our product is a pico CHP or µCHP, solid state and lightweight it is a heavy hitter in a category it defines. Capable of producing heat, cooking, hot water, and enough kWh of electricity to run a homes illumination and communication; even refrigeration and normal average commute transportation.
Now HH brings all this to market at a significantly reduced price point vs other off the shelf home CHP systems.
On or off grid during the winter low temperatures this can be a huge service and budget saver for people to order from us.
here are links to more about the CHP including the starting and operating procedure videos made to help you fire up the small barrel stove for some shop coziness and operational familiarity.

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