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The hands of a creator

Wearing 2 layers, wrapped and jacketed in leather, similar to an astronaut on the moon. From the tip of my hands flowing lightning the very force that animates life. Like an alchemist I use the 4th plasma state of matter with the skill of a masters hand to reorient atoms, creating new and unique objects. Artfully using time and energy to craft and express the music of my soul. 
Crystallizing as I remove my touch, there now sitting on my craft table, a gift. A piece of my heart and life, like a mosaic created specifically for placement in the home. I give the gift of warmth to families all over the world. Whilst my body shuffles and moves like a ninjas hands, I am dancing in the heavens in my mind to the music of my soul, watching in amazement almost as a spectator while in a flow state my hands effortlessly create one gift after another.
For I am a craftsman.

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