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CHP gravity feed wood pellet stove Modular, Compact, Lightweight, Portable. Uses No Electricity! By HastyHeat.com

The HastyHeat.com CHP gravity feed wood pellet stove does not need to be plugged in; but if you should so choose it can spin your power meter backwards!

With a contonuous heat output from 1.5 to 6 KW the CHP modular wood pellet stove system is very adaptable to many needs. It can also cook, heat a large space, boil water, generate electricity, or even a combination of these features. This continuous wood pellet fueled biomass candle is a efficent and clean converter of pulp energy into thermal energy. Capable of clean >1000 Celcius combustion. 

We have a growing catalogue of various uses of the CHP we have built for customers over the years. It is included in our YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOw5D2kxI37QYID2T6rzN2dDr9HsUQiXq

Thank you for your interest in the CHP compact wood pellet stove, due to its modular nature we suggest you review the different applications we have equipped it for to best determine the setup that you need then let us know more about what you would like to order?

What are your heating needs?

This rocket biomass burner can produce 12 kwh per day with our optional liquid cooled thermoelectric generators \ water heater.


  • Greetings!
    Please send information on your CHP gravity feed wood pellet stove.
    thank you very much!

  • I wanted to ask for the measurements, both alone and with the hopper, to be sure to connect it in my corner of the room.
    Best regaeds


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