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1Q 2Q 3Q Fireplace Inserts

Our Cube line of fireplace grates are designed to fit under most glass door frames! Providing the ascetics of a built in fireplace insert, it will simply rest underneath any doors that can be raised by a mere 2".

Note: All item prices now include the cost of shipping to reduce customers abandoned orders caused by adding the significant costs of shipping these large heavy items after the customer proceeds to checkout.

The 1Q fits in the bottom plane to gather the heat from under your fire. Cheapest but lowest fireplace heat output.

The 2Q fits in the bottom and back plane to gather the heat from under and behind your fire. Middle cost middle performance fireplace insert.

The 3Q fits in the bottom, back and top plane to gather the heat from under, behind, and over your fire. Top of the line highest performing fireplace grate.


(please make sure to add the width of your doors to the notes at checkout, or email us)

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