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CFI - Custom Fireplace Insert, Fireplace Heat Exchanger, With Ceramic Glass Fireplace Doors

CFI - Custom Fireplace Insert, Fireplace Heat Exchanger, With Ceramic Glass Fireplace Doors

Hasty Heat

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Improving the heat from your fireplace just does not get any better than this. The custom fitted fireplace insert service of hastyheat.com is truly a Cadillac experience. 

To build the perfect set of fireplace doors for your hearth, first we will work with you to get precise measurements and images of your fireplace and hearth. Then we will council you what we can do to match and integrate your custom fitted insert into the features of your fireplace. Our insert does not require costly relining of your chimney, if your chimney is already sound and fully functional. They simply slide into place, are sealed then attached. They can be easily removed or reinstalled as needed for fireplace maintenance by two Men (typically these weigh in around 300 Lbs fully assembled). 

The CFI fireplace glass doors include all the bells and whistles like variable speed fan, automatic thermostat, ash management, integral grate, massive large surface area heat exchanger, dual 110 CFM fans, combustion air control dampers, Full Fireback; all with largest view and minimal border to preserve the appeal of your hearth. 

We do want to talk about the fireplace glass we use, it is simply amazing. It is not really glass at all but a translucent tile that can take 1400 F without cracking. In fact we have youtube videos of taking a sample of this glass heating it in a pile of hot coals and dropping it repeatedly into a pot of cold water. We are proud to offer this highest quality material on our products, to match the rest of the quality components, coalescing with our skilled craftsmanship to bring to your family many decades of warmth, and efficiency.

Custom Fitted Fireplace Insert Fireback Fireplace Grate Heater Furnace Heat Exchanger Heatilator Cord Firewood Rack Wood Pellet Basket Ash Tray

Fireplace Insert with Ash Management Our Custom Fitted Fireplace Insert Furnace / Heat Exchanger / tube blower, with: Ash Management System, Thermostat Controlled Variable Speed Fans, and Glass Doors. These are custom fitted to within 1" your fireplace for one flat rate fee. Up to 1000 Square Inches of fireplace opening. ($1.5/SQ" grater)  

Typical production time is 3-4 weeks due to the time it takes to order and receive the custom sized panes of furnace glass we will use on your insert. Once complete and paint is dry we will notify you and ship by liftgate LTL truck to your door.

See the Hasty Heat youtube channel for clips about these CFI custom fitted inserts.

The most elegant, well crafted, customizable, and functional fireplace glass doors available. Turn your fireplace into a furnace with the ultimate blend of eye pleasing form with function. These high quality fireplace Grate Heat Exchangers are built to last.

When you use one of our tubular fireplace grates in an your fireplace, you will realize a saving on your heating costs and a reduction in the amount of firewood you burn to keep warm. With one of these CFI fireplace doors you can extract a larger percentage of the heat wasted and going up your chimney. Our Heat Exchangers are designed with the greatest surface area to capture and move into your home the highest percentage of the BTU/KWH heat generated by your fire.

All our products are made with fully welded uncoated non-galvanized structural grade industrial carbon steel, and UL certified electrical components.

Here is how it works:

Our all steel design uses several perfectly sized heavy duty thick wall tubes for maximum heat exchanger surface area, superior airflow volume, minimum burn through, and maximum combustion area volume. The tubes are welded together forming a channel that is filled with cool home air. The tubes then heat the air as it passes through them. Hot air is then blown back into the your home. The added conduction from the hot coals and convection from the flame, recovers otherwise lost energy or BTU from the embers and flame of your fire.

These serve to increase the comfort of your entire home, conserve the amount of wood you burn, and nearly eliminate the need for other expensive methods of climate control such as electric heaters, heat pumps, corn or pellet stoves, and central air oil or gas furnaces.

LTL liftgate freight shipping service to your door is included in the price.