CHP-BQ BBQ Grill, Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Rocket Stove

CHP-BQ BBQ Grill, Gravity Feed Wood Pellet Rocket Stove

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The CHP-BQ BBQ Grill, allows you to use our CHP wood pellet burner as the heat source for a Weber kettle style BBQ grill.

This makes a compact efficient, and durable gravity fed wood pellet rocket stove single burner BBQ grill. No chimney required, outdoor use.

  • Includes CHP combustor, PF Pot Flange, thermal bell, stainless grill, steamer basket, and 8 quart soup pot.
  • Made using a laser cut, stainless steel rocket nozzle combustor
  • Burns wood pellets, corn, compressed algae, pelletized fuel.
  • Tihis stove burner is designed for long burn times with minimal stoking or cleanup, you simply turn it up or down to match the continuous heat needed for the cooking you are doing.
  • Capable of producing up to 10 KW per hour of continuous heat.
  • Designed with a efficient smokeless combustion system that exceeds 2300° degrees Fahrenheit well above the temp requirement to cleanly combust any carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide
  • Heating output can be regulated by a shutter valve that adjusts the rate of oxidization induction through its superheated secondary combustion air double wall design
  • Pellet feeder has knife value for easy shutoff of the stove if you add an extended fuel capacity.
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  • Made in the USA
  • See the HastyHeat youtube channel for vids and reviews of this item, search for ULv_7OYFX8g and HlZER0-oe8
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